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 Control the temperature and humidity in your home 
Liquid wallpaper POLDECOR
  Your well-being and comfort!  

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We ship all our products to Portugal, Spain, France and
Types of liquid wallpaper that are not available for immediate delivery arrive at our warehouse 10 days after your order.
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We inform our customers that due to the holiday period, all orders placed between the 16th and 28th of July will only be processed on the 29th.

Each bag of product has an approximate yield of 3 square meters.

Just add water, mix well and wait the recommended time before applying.

You must first apply two coats of primer, preferably our Grunt primer . 1L of primer will be enough for 2 coats in 6 square meters.

You will also need one of our application palustras .

Can be applied to any hard surface and tiles.

About Us 

Papel de pared liquido Type 5/11 sin brillantinas

THE ECOWALL, specializes in the sale of liquid wallpaper in Portugal and Spain. With warehouse in Odivelas/Lisbon, and this online store with delivery to your door for all mainland Portugal, Autonomous Regions of the Azores, Madeira and also in Spain. We are exclusive importers of the renowned Poldecor liquid wallpaper brand. Here you can quickly buy our innovative product, and we will deliver it to your home.

Know which ones benefits of our product.

Browse, choose by color or type and buy online. Delivery time varies from 1 to 15 working days depending on stock availability in Odivelas or at one of our certified resellers. 

For your convenience, payment can be made with Visa Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer or MbWay.

If you have doubts or questions, use our online chat and explain your question. You can also use the contacts by email, phone, WhatsApp or Telegram.


To get to know the product physically, get in touch with us and schedule a visit to our warehouse in Odivelas where you can see the catalogs with real samples of liquid wallpaper and visit our show room. It is important to be able to feel and compare the great diversity of colors and textures that you can use in the decoration and thermal and acoustic conditioning of your home, restaurant or other commercial space.

Benefits of
Liquid Wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper, with more than 20 years of existence, is marketed by ECOWALLand is a decorative, interior lining product that consists of a mixture of natural cotton, silk, textile fibers and mineral products, bonded together through a natural substance extracted from plants and which is already in the product. Thanks to these components, it is a 100% ecological and natural product.

It can be applied to interior walls and ceilings in living spaces, offices, restaurants, hotels, cafes, lounges and in any space where elegance and good taste are needed.

It does not require special skills for its application. The product has the do-it-yourself specification. 

the liquid wallpaperPOLDECORis an innovative solution in the Portuguese market, being an excellent alternative to paint, wallpaper and mineral plasters. It has considerable advantages over other interior decoration materials.

Learn more about thebenefits.

Beneficios del papel de pared liquido: mejor que papel de pared,  yeso veneciano y tinta
Beneficios del papel de pared liquido: Uso fácil

easy use

Beneficios del papel de pared liquido: Control acústico

acoustic control

Beneficios del papel de pared liquido: Nivelación de paredes

smoothing the walls

Beneficios del papel de pared liquido: Regulación de la humedad

humidity control

Beneficios del papel de pared liquido: Aislamiento térmico

thermal insulator

Beneficios del papel de pared liquido: Ingredientes naturales

natural ingredients

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Now you can choose the color* of the liquid wallpaper
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*color reference Type 39/3 approximate to the chosen NCS reference