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papel de parede líquido Poldecor | Ecowall


papel de parede liquido Type 41/9
papel de parede líquido Type 39/11
papel de parede líquido Poldecor | Ecowall


papel de parede líquido Poldecor | Ecowall


papel de parede líquido Poldecor | Ecowall


Perfect walls with no seams, cracks or bubbles

Liquid wallpapers marketed by Ecowall can be applied to any wall, ceiling and other flat or curved surfaces, providing a uniform and welcoming coating. They can hide cracks, cracks or small holes, without any imperfections being noticed. They are also an excellent solution for covering plasterboard, avoiding the traditional problems of acoustic reflections that result from using paint as a finishing material. The paint covers the pores of the plasterboard, increasing the acoustic reflection index, making the places "noisy" and auditory tiring. This is a very common problem in restaurants, dining areas and other commercial spaces. If you own a public space or restaurant and the comfort of your customers is a concern, Ecowall has the ideal solution for you.

At the same time, liquid wallpaper does not form bubbles and does not come off the wall with temperature changes or condensation.

It is also a good solution for walls next to fireplaces. Its elasticity allows it not to open cracks while meeting safety requirements in case of fire.

Quick repair of minor damage

Did your wallpaper get damaged while moving furniture? Did the cat scratch the wallpaper? Did the children scratch the wall? It's not a problem. Just spray water on the areaaffected and level it again.

You can also remove it from damaged areas and fill it with a little of what was left over from the initial application and which it naturally kept dry in its original bag. It is possible to join perfectly andimperceptible with what you already have applied to the wall.

Simple, liquid wallpaper will look like new.

Thermal insulator and acoustic absorber

 Place your palm on an area of wall with liquid wallpaper and feel for yourself how it feels at room temperature instead of cold and uncomfortable. A great solution for covering the exterior walls of your home, or for example providing extra comfort on the wall at the head of your bed or sofa.

Due to its composition and texture, liquid wallpaper provides acoustic absorption, reducing reflections of sound waves, providing greater intelligibility in dialogue. Due to the reduction of acoustic energy inside a room, it also promotes an acoustic insulation index, albeit subtle.

Unlimited creation possibilities

Unlike plain wallpaper and other finishing materials, this type of wallpaper is easily applied to uneven surfaces. Ordinary walls and unusual spaces can be transformed into unique interiors. You can draw and create letters on your walls.

papel de parede líquido Type 5/11 sem glitter


Your family's health

The liquid wallpaper we sell It is an odorless and essentially natural product. Yours  home will not be filled with unpleasant chemical odors ​​and can be used safely in children's and all other bedrooms  areas. Even in the event of a fire, this decorative material does not release any harmful chemicals. 

papel de parede líquido vantagens em relação a papel de parede, gesso veneziano e tinta
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